Rwanda – worth a visit

Rwanda from the sky

I’m sure that if you asked around, not many people will list Rwanda as one of their top tourist destinations to visit in Africa. This is partly due to ignorance (It’s a town somewhere in South Africa right? Err, no!), mainly because of the very bad things that happened in 1994 and probably because they […]

Music makes me happy

A couple of years ago, a former colleague once quipped, “The 90’s called, they want their iPod back.” She was of course refering to my 4th generation iPod (photo) which seemed quite archaic by the then nano, classic and touch versions. Jokes aside, this baby holds 60GB worth of music. That’s over 8,000 songs and […]

When I grow up I want to be happy

Happiness mind map - EEPaul

These are the words of 13-year Logan LaPlante when questioned what he wanted to be when he grows up. He wants to be happy and healthy. Since we’re on the #100happydays theme at the moment, this TEDx talk from 2013 is quite apt. In it, Logan discusses how hacking his education is helping him achieve […]