Checking out Google+

So after going on an extreme information diet last year, it appears that I’ve made a return to Google+. Why? (Probably more importantly who really cares?) It can be attributed to my recent switch from the iPhone 4 to the Samsung Galaxy Note II. So of course with all things Android, the Google ecosystem becomes […]

Extreme information diet

I’ve been on an extreme information diet lately. I need my space. I need less crap in my timeline. It is not you, it is me. I’m trying to keep my timeline clean. Surprisingly I’m longing for phone calls and chats around the braai, speaking to people in person, not via another sms, email, tweet […]

Plane over Russel Square Gardens

A while ago I was in London for a few days and as any self-respecting digital citizen should do prior to visiting a foreign place, I google-mapped the area that I’d be visiting. While browsing the surrounds, I noticed something interesting and zoomed in. Et Voila – A plane over Russel Square gardens. View Larger […]