Ellis Park (Coca-Cola Park) Stadium Panorama

A while ago I captured a panoramic shot of Ellis Park (now known as Coca-Cola Park) Stadium . This stadium, predominantly used for Rugby and Football (Soccer) matches was recently upgraded for the Fifa 2010 Football World Cup and the Confederations Cup in June 2009. Most notably it was also the staging area for the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final in which the Springboks beat New Zealand 15-12.

This shot has been used by other websites, blogs, media and universties to name a few – some with permission, others not. That being said. This is a small sample of the various places this picture has been published.

Over and above these, it comes up via various search keywords or keyphrases, most on the first page of Google.

I will be posting other photographs and links here in future.

Some other photographs used in articles on the web
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