Slot car racing

My son is in his absolute element when we take out the slot car racing track. His excitement builds up for days. To the point where he just cannot contain himself.

Admittedly, I’m the same when it comes to my old scalextric set.

Who doesn’t like to play race car driver?

Imagining yourself racing around the track in a Formula 1 car?

slot car racing Ferrari Fl

Or even, following on from the inspiration of The Italian Job movie, racing around the track in a souped-up Mini.

slot car racing mini

Unfortunately my scalextric set doesn’t work, so a few years ago I bought one of the Carera Go slot car tracks with both the Formula 1 and Mini cars.

slot car racing button

This particular set has an series of looping tracks. And by looping I mean vertical – in the air.

slot car racing looping track

This makes for many hours of fun – from building to driving to disassembly.

slot car racing

Definitely worth the investment.

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  1. brandon says:

    hi im interested in buying series of looping tracks.

  2. Hey Brandon,

    Best bet it to head over to your local Toys-R-Us or Reggies. The link goes directly to the Carrera Go slot car racing system page on their website. They obviously have a wider selection in-store.

    Happy racing.

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