The Pitt Cue co

The Pitt Cue co

Five weeks ago I was at the Pitt Cue Co (Follow them on twitter: @pittcueco) having my annual fix of the best food I’ve eaten in my life.

smoked brisket, pulled pork, bonemarrow mash and beetroots with horseradish cream and wallnuts
Smoked brisket, pulled pork, bonemarrow mash and beets with horseradish cream and nuts

Once you’ve sampled just a mere morsel of their food you’ll easily travel over 13000kms from Johannesburg to Soho in London to check in for lunch. @pittcueco Tom, Jamie @tom_swanny @jewma and everyone there absolutely rock.

While I was there I managed to get my hands on the Pitt Cue Co cookbook and have since tried to recreate some dishes at home, such as the sticky bourbon & cola pudding, the pulled pork bun and as part of the process, chipotle ketchup, mother sauce and bbq sauce. Just thinking of it makes me salivate all over again.

To my utmost surprise and delight, I note that Woolworths are now stocking copies of the book. I think placing it between cake and biscuit books is perhaps not the best spot on the shelf, but then again you could picture it as the cool guy surrounded by a bevy of girls.

The Pitt cue co cookbook

Seriously, if you like to grill or bbq (braai), smoke your meat or generally appreciate a good rack of ribs, then you owe it to yourself to go and get this cookbook. It’ll be the best thing that happened to you since man invented fire.

You will have more than #100happydays appreciating these recipes.