Johannesburg vs Cape Town debate

The Johannesburg vs Cape Town debate has been raging since the early “Voortrekkers” left the Cape to settle in the city of gold.

The current debacle debate in South Africa between Jo-burgers and Capetonians just stepped up a notch.

The view from Johannesburg

It all started with this post from Jade Mitchell: Go F**k yourself Cape Town

Johannesburg vs Cape Town debate

The view from Cape Town

The follow-up from Cape Town by Jeremy Coutts: A Capetonian’s response to being told to go fuck himself.

Johannesburg vs Cape Town debate

The view from a small town

The classic tongue in cheek retort from a small town from StephanieBe: Go fuck yourself Cape Town & Johannesburg.


I’ve also seen a number of facebook and twitter status messages with more  examples of hostility, humour, level headedness and just plain crazy reasons why their city should be considered the best.

While there will never be an end to the debate on a city by city level, I think we all need to agree that South Africa is the best place to live.

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  1. And… my two cents worth…

    “An Open Letter” in Response to Jade Mitchell

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    How about at least using one of the images I used in my blog, as supposed to the “broke” Merc


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