Escape from reality

Red Rooibos cappuccino

“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.” – Lloyd Alexander

Lloyd Alexander was an influential American author of more than forty books, mostly fantasy novels for children and adolescents. His most famous contribution to the field of children’s literature is the fantasy series The Chronicles of Prydain. The concluding book of the series, The High King, was awarded the Newbery Medal in 1969.

He said that fantasy was merely one of many ways to express attitudes and feelings about real people, real human relationships and problems.

So how does one mentally escape from reality? There are many ways to escape from the daily grind, even if it is just for a few minutes.

Some days you may need to stop your routine and get away from people and activities in your daily life – do something else that you wouldn’t normally do.

For one you could disconnect from your phone, tablet, computer, television or any other electronic devices. Perhaps go on an information diet.

Get lost in a good book or better yet, take out a journal and write down your thoughts, observations, feelings, and ideas.

Go for a long walk in a park or cycle somewhere off the beaten track. Stop to appreciate the small things and renew your sense of beauty and happiness.

Watch a new movie at the cinema or rent a good one. Listen to some music.

Visit a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

Perhaps just pop out the office and instead of having your normal cup of coffee, have a red cappuccino.

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