Extreme information diet

Stop following me freaks

I’ve been on an extreme information diet lately. I need my space. I need less crap in my timeline. It is not you, it is me. I’m trying to keep my timeline clean.

Surprisingly I’m longing for phone calls and chats around the braai, speaking to people in person, not via another sms, email, tweet or any of the other thousands of social platforms. Don’t get me wrong. These things do have their place, but at the moment I’ve been less and less interested in the drivel that is popping up on my devices. I don’t care (props to Don)

I’m turning the tables on social media. If I want the content, I’ll go find it, I don’t need it to find me.

Let me briefly pick on twitter for a while. When last did you check your follower stream? Not those you are following, but more the people, bots, companies, fake followers plugged into your profile. Nice to have thousands of followers, but you have little to no connection with any of them.

How do you get rid of unwanted followers? It is not like Facebook where there is mutual consent to the “friendship”. I protected my account for a couple of weeks. The spammers, bots and techie-pastor-dads-from-Texas stopped knocking. As extreme as this was, it did provide a few days of sanity, but it brought about a whole set of other issues. Legitimate friends & connections couldn’t interact as much as before.

You could block everyone, it breaks both follows and prevents the other person from following you. However this also prevents you from viewing them/or them viewing you on a needs basis. The trick is thus to block and then unblock. Unblocking doesn’t restore the follows and there you have it, a cleaned up follower list.

Check who you are blocking over at Blocked by me. Simply sign in with Twitter (you don’t have to enter your password, it doesn’t store your details or, better yet, send out an annoying tweet to your followers). Click on the ‘show my blocked users’ button and you’re instantly presented with a list of everybody you’ve ever blocked and an easy way to unblock as well.

I culled 404 from my followers list. Hardly an exorbitant number, but quite an apt number of followers not found on my profile.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Foursquare and many others received the same treatment. I’ve been closing profiles (e.g. Google+) that just don’t make sense to me right now. I’m consolidating.

Here’s an idea, pick up the phone, call me, let’s have coffee, a drink, let’s chat face to face. We should all get out more.

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