Mobilize me dear sir

Posted by mobile phone:
I can’t say this is the first blog post i’ve written using a mobile phone. In the past I’ve posted using a Sony Ericsson P990i and HTC TyTn and merely using the built-in internet browser. What does make this post special though is the fact that it was written using the wordpress mobile plugin.

Guests to Aquila Online can now view a significantly optimised version than before, and I can post articles on the go with greater ease.

Those who still want the full experience of the site can opt to view the original version, with the click of a button.

This is still work in progress so your comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Also, if you do view on your mobile, please let me know which phone and browser you used.

Updated: Hmm maybe a bit quick on the mark – quite a few bugs to sort out with the stripping/downsizing of images. For now I’m forced to disable it for now – no-one likes to see error messages. I’ll let you all know when it’s back up and running.

Update 2: It’s back up! I had to change it to the Alex King version, but it works perfectly now. Comments, tomatoes etc. welcome. Thanks

4 thoughts on “Mobilize me dear sir”

  1. Now, if they could just stop banning me from accessing my dashboard on my mobile, I’d be happy. *grrr*

  2. it works! browsing from my htc tytn. :) very snazzy indeed. is there a way you could put the question _before_ the “submit comment” button?

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