The cart whisperer

The Cart Whisperer wallpaper

If you haven’t heard about Liberty Fillmore, better known as “The Cart Whisperer”, then I suggest you pop over to his website at No More Abandoned Carts.

From a tender young age, Liberty could talk to carts. He listened to their problems and helped heal their shattered hearts. Now, 44 years later he brings the plight of abandoned shopping carts to the fore. You can get in on the action and fight for the rights of all abandoned shopping carts. Check out the website, grab the feed, view Liberty Fillmore’s Facebook profile or play the rest of the YouTube videos and put your cart abandonment issues to rest.

Watch the full trailer on YouTube or download the shortened high-res .Mov (20MB).

While you’re at it also check out this project of real stray carts – The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Guide to Field Identification. The site has over 200 photographs and a very interesting way of classifying the “strays”.

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  1. thats about as strange as the traffic cone preservation society…

  2. haha…but not so bizarre if you consider that this is a clever campaign for Verisign. They used this to show how people often abandon their online “Shopping carts” for various reasons. Obviously verisign is promoting safe and secure online shopping, but this has implications for all online retailers…

    funny stuff though

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