So Slow

Garmin Nuvi 300 Trip Counter

This is why I hate the traffic – it is damn slow…. Suddenly, the 15 km trip from my house in Northriding to my office in Sandton, takes over an hour. Don’t be fooled to think that the moving time of 52 minutes and 30 seconds is anything but fast. Just look at the average moving speed – a ridiculously slow 17.2 km/h. I swear I could have done this faster on a bicycle.

But then, I’m no Lance Armstrong..

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  1. So if you ain’t no Lance Armstrong then who are you?

  2. I enjoy your blog and regularly read it.

    This picture inspired me to sing praises to motorcycles as a more practical form of transport on my blog at . I reckon this could cause mixed reactions from your side.

    Thanks once again for the fun that you put into my day on a frequent basis.


  3. Katt – Probably Ertjies Bezuidenhout…hehe

    Weiers – thanks for the kind words. I have to absolutely agree with you that motorcycles are probably more economical than cars.

    I have many times toyed with the idea of purchasing a bike, but alas, I still grapple a bit with something that happened when I was 16. I ‘bliksemed’ off one, granted it was only at 60km/h, but resultingly I tore myself a new elbow… Guess I just have to get over the fear and get back on…

    I’ll be returning to your blog often to read more about your experiences – I think I may just have to get myself a gomoto…

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