Communicators communicating

It appears that ‘blogging’ is taking off as a business and commnications tool in a number of industry sectors of late. Most interestingly, the Public Relations (PR) industry is catching on to use ‘blogging’ as another communications tool.

Recently something called The Global PR Blog Week was held, aiming to engage PR, marketing and business bloggers from around the globe in a discussion about blogging and communications. The event was held between 12 – 16 July 2004. Although very interesting, albeit just in my personal capacity, it remains to be seen if ‘blogging’ will catch on amongst our local PR professionals.

Speaking of which, go have a look at Brian Berkman’s blog for some interesting perspectives and thoughts on the PR scene in SA. According to Brian’s press release on Louise Marsland’s Biz-Community his blog is a first for South African PR professionals. Would this place mine in close second place?

Then also, read “Give me a break” for an interesting view on the topic by Dee Rambeau.

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